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UC Browser apk for Android gives you a fast all-in-one web experience: an excellent search, browsing, downloading, video, gaming, shopping and social networking experience at the fastest speeds! Although it is a browser of the competition that has most of the required functions, but does not beat Chrome or Firefox as the best browser. If you’re worried about the file size, you can try downloading UC Browser Mini.

Today we have applications for almost all of our navigation needs, but a browser is a very important requirement. In this publication we will focus on the UC browser to easily navigate on all the web platforms for Android and IOS. Owned and operated by Alibaba, yes, that’s right, China’s online shopping giant. UC Browser apk began its journey constantly in 2004, initially offering availability for all mobile platforms from Blackberry OS to Symbian. But as time progressed, his focus remained on the Android and IOS platforms for obvious reasons. You can download SHAREIT FOR ANDROID APK at here

UC Browser app to easy surfing

So, to check how things work, we downloaded the latest version of the UC browser for the Android platform. Speed ​​was definitely a factor compared to Chrome for Android. Below are some of the factors that we could compile and distinguish when testing the application.

uc browser apk

UC Browser Apk Speed ​​factor and preload

The UCWeb team has kept things simple, keeps them fast and keeps them stable. If you have been a Chrome user in the past, the first feature you will notice with the UC browser application will be your fastest page load speed. The secret behind this is the acceleration in the cloud and data compression technology that personalizes the pages in advance before they load in the browser, so you can open them instantly. It can be said that smaller applications allow faster loading speeds. The fastest upload speed with UC Browser will not only save time, but with data compression technology will compress the data packets, which will use less data from the Internet and will also be easy for your data plan.


Night mode

If you are a night surfer, this function is for you, many applications do not come with a built-in night mode. But when browsing with the latest UC browser, you’ll have the luxury of night mode. The night mode tends to be easy on the eyes when browsing or using your device in low light or after a hard day of work when your eyes are already exhausted. To activate night mode, simply click on the menu button that will open some options and then click on night mode. Once you click on the night mode, a brightness indicator will appear allowing you to adjust the brightness while in night mode.

500 million downloads for Android

500 million downloads for Android devices was a recent success story that confirms the recent dominance of UC browsers. It is possible that you have already downloaded one on your device or even that you are using it to read this article. The UC browser has spent large amounts on additions and marketing, promoting its brand through play-store and all other media. But this is a great foot in comparison with other applications that provide similar services.

Privacy and data policy

We were able to find some online studies that tested UC Browser to detect privacy flaws and data that did not respect the back doors. Below are some of the links to recent articles that have been published after testing the data leaks from browsers.

Problems of privacy and security with the UC browser A talkative squirrel: Privacy and security problems with the UC browser apk “Transmission of personal identification information and search queries of users without encryption.

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