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For years that Super Mario is so popular that even today there is the latest version of Super Mario Run 3.0.12 (10076) APK officially released by Nintendo. Well, one question that must be asked is whether this game will be as popular as the classic or not, right? One really interesting thing is the fact that with the launch of Android, Super Mario has not really changed on several platforms. This game has a Mario that runs automatically so that it can be good or bad for some players. Besides being launched on Android, it is also about iOS.

Super Mario Run Apk review

So, this game is really a Super Mario game that originated years ago. As mentioned previously, Mario will run automatically, so the players will only have to concentrate on performing their characteristic elastic jump as seen in their previous game. That is a change in this game that, surprisingly, does not affect it in any way. In the course of the game, players can play to make a quick jump, keep it a little longer for a giant jump, ping the walls to increase zigzag movement, as well as jump into the enemies’ heads, as well as Stop half air to control the descent later.

super mario run apk


That’s a slightly different formula to understand in which the game is still a fun game to play. In short, this latest version of this game is a kind of speed runner game with just touching and holding the button at the right time to get to the end. In addition, the stages within this game have been designed correctly by the designers to make sure they look quite impressive. The stages really coincide with the fluidity of the game, as well as with the speed of the game, which is really fast.

So, these are the main things about this new Nintendo game within the pros and cons in general:


  • A game that is fun to play just as the old game
  • Graphical aspects of the entire game, especially the stages have been improved a lot better
  • Control interface is simple which is good for mobile gaming


  • Replay ability remains at the low level once it has been done and dusted
  • Learning each one of 24 levels is needed to really master it which could take time

How to Play Super Mario Run

Although it is a simple game, you can do better by knowing some of the tricks. Basically, timing is everything by pressing the button to allow Mario to jump. It takes time to learn the perfect moment, so be sure to try any possibility when playing a level. Do not try to be perfect on the first try, as it can be difficult. The feeling, the fluidity, the depth and the imagination are in this game, which does not need such a high effort to enjoy it from the first moment.

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