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RedBox has it all, all the movies, sports and shows that you would like in the world. If you are a Redbox and Firestick or TV user, you should be very happy to know that you can now install Redbox tv Pro on Firestick.

Before I begin, let me briefly give you some basics about RedBox TV. It is a great live TV broadcast application that lets you broadcast your favorite and popular live channels. It gives you the exclusive opportunity to browse the best channels around the world without any registration process.

Downloading and installing Redbox TV Pro on firestick TV does not require complicated steps like many of those who think. You just have to follow the simple steps with attention.

If you want to increase your browsing experience and maximize entertainment, follow the steps below to get RedBox TV on your Firestick or TV today.

Process of download and installation of Redbox TV Pro in Firestick:.

Step 1:

Turn on your Amazon Firestick. Make sure to activate it with a remote control and also that you have enabled the option of unknown sources. This will ensure that third-party applications can be installed on your device.

Step 2:

Open the home screen on your Firestick TV.

Step 3:

Go to the configuration by using a remote control

Stage 4:

From the available sub-menu, select Devices

Step 5:

After this, click on the developer option.

Step 6:

Now you have to find and enable the option “Enable applications from unknown sources”. After receiving a pop-up message, click OK and continue with the next step. Now you have enabled the option to allow applications from unknown sources to make changes.

Step 7:

Now, before continuing, make sure you have a download application on your device. If you do not, I’ll guide you in this.

It is a long process, but you must remain persistent to make sure you do not make mistakes in any step. Return to the home screen of your Firestick TV and find the search option and expand it simply by clicking on it.

Step 8:


Type Downloader and start the search task. If you want to use the voice search function, you can press and hold the voice button on your Firestick Remote.

Step 9:

Lists will appear and you will have to search and click on the official download application. After this, click on the download option and the download process will have started. You need to give him a few minutes to finish the process.

Step 10:

Now you are ready to open the download application and go to the configuration. The configuration menu can be found in the left menu bar. After this, enable the Javascript option. You must click “Yes” to avoid JavaScript warnings.

Step 11:

Now visit the browser menu and type in the URL box. After this, click on the go icon and the official Redbox site will open.

After this, click on the “Download for Android” option.

This will facilitate the download of the official Redbox TV APK file. After clicking on the download icon, the process will start automatically. Give him some time to complete. The application will not occupy more than 30 MB.

Step 12:

Once the device has finished downloading the application, you must now click on the installation process. The application will be installed. After this, you must click on the “Finish” option.

Now you have the opportunity to see several options, such as “install, delete and go”; You have to click on the delete option to leave the application alone. You must click on the “Delete” option to confirm the process.

Step 13:

From the control button, now press the start button. You will find the Redbox application installed when you click on the Applications Menu. You must click on it to open it and start.


I hope this document has been useful in the installation process. If you receive an error or if you have a problem with the installation, you should consult the relevant authorities. However, Redbox TV Pro in firestick has had a high level of functionality and simple installation processes.

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