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Real Racing 3 is a perfect example of a game developed with iOS as the main platform combined with the worst micro-transaction mechanics. Android gets a bad cover version of the game that is based on the newest devices to look as good as iOS


The game in Real Racing 3 is very polished. It’s a racing game with tracks and licensed real-life cars that you buy and improvements to improve performance.

Each of the races is connected to other players of Real Racing 3 and the connection to Facebook can matter to your friends who are playing. There are many different types of races like head to head, cup or elimination in the different tracks.

The controls are varied with many options. By default, you simply tilt the device and the game will control acceleration and braking. You can also choose a very practical control scheme where you control everything or a tactile steering system.

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The game is easy to place. Since the beginning of Real Racing 3, you are in charge of buying a car and competing in the different race modes. You earn points and money used to update the car or service it to return it to optimum performance. It is designed with multiplayer in mind, even when your friends are not playing.



Visually, Real Racing 3 can be a beautiful game. On older supported hardware, the game looks horrible. The main focus is on the car that is driving, while the environment looks scarce and sterile. Real Racing 3 was designed for the latest hardware and, mainly, an iOS development, so the Android version shows the bad port of the original assets.

Where the game fails is also the push towards micro transactions. While you will not reach the payment wall too soon, it becomes clear that you have the option to grind or buy money and points to improve your car. Updates and repairs cost money, while maintenance costs in the game bypass the timer countdown or you have to wait a specific time. This allows you to have shorter game sessions, but updates are offered before a race.

Like most micro-transaction games, the balance towards free and paid is uncomfortable. You can play for a long time before it is necessary to pay, but once you are immersed in the game and need a quick update, you will probably pay for it.


Real Racing 3 is a great installation, but EA says that it needs to have at least 1.7GB free on the device.
In our test device, Real Racing 3 contains 1.57 GB of data.
The installation from Google Play is a small boot, while most of the game is downloaded during the first start.


Real Racing 3 is a great racing game with graphics below average, good controls and many races to go. The mechanic of micro transactions is very forced and unbalances the game because it is easy to wait a couple of minutes for an update, but the more you play, the more time you will wait.

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