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PS4 is the popular console game from SONY to enjoy the advanced game ultimately. Instead, on television, you can use a smartphone to play the game through PS4. For this purpose, the latest version of APK 2018 2.7.0 (20700) of the PS4 remote game is in the right place to implement. This Android application is specifically created for players to enjoy their time while there is no television. You can connect the smartphone to the PS4 controller and then continue to enjoy the games without interruption. This application uses the Internet connection to keep the smartphone and the PS4 controller on the same network. To enjoy playing without much interruption, it is better to use the local network.

PS4 Remote Play review

SONY introduced PS4 to change the way the video game industry works. The console game is still a good business, but the smartphone market is growing widely. On the other hand, Sony Xperia begins to attract attention due to advanced and sophisticated technology. Sony produces several Xperia series to meet market demand. This is the opportunity to put two things in one way. One of the limitations in the gaming industry is the limitation to play the game on a smartphone. The PS4 console only uses HD TV to enjoy the game, not the smartphone.

PS4 Remote Play for Android is a bridge for players to continue their game on a smartphone, especially Xperia. You can play at any time and anywhere without much trouble. This is very comfortable when you do not have space to play on a HD TV for PS4. In addition, it is a PlayStation Mobile application compatible with PS4 and smartphones.

ps4 remote play apk


Several aspects should be considered when using this application. It is better to use the local or domestic network to enjoy the games. You need a high speed connection because the games on PS4 are more advanced than the version for smartphones. You do not want to lose the connection, then stop playing in the central games section. In addition, it consumes a lot of power, so check the capacity of the battery before it is ready to connect. Some modes in the remote game will help to manage this part.

You need a Sony Entertainment Network account to synchronize this application and this device. In general, you can only use the latest version of the application and the smartphone for Sony. Some players try this application to connect to another smartphone. Some of them may work correctly, but Xperia is still the correct device to install. This application is available on Google Play or try SDK mode when your device is not from Sony.


  • You can play PS4 on smartphone.
  • It is easy to install and set.
  • You can enjoy gaming anywhere.


  • It works better only for Xperia.
  • You need tool to keep the smartphone on board.
  • This app needs fast internet connection.
  • Some games may not be available in this mode.

How to Use

Before opening the remote game, verify the connectivity because you need to be in the same network for the controller and the smartphone. Open this application and then go to the configuration section. Select the remote connection and the sleep mode. You will make the connection for the smartphone to reach PS4. The sleep mode will reduce the energy consumption to continue playing for a long time. It is better to use the local or domestic network to maintain stability. You need an additional tool to keep the smartphone in the controller. It is available separately from this application.

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