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Peggo is a digital video recorder (DVR) that records MP3 and MP4 videos from your favorite YouTube videos and SoundCloud tracks.

Peggo is packed with excellent features such as volume normalization, unwanted mute elimination, metadata discovery, integrated search, subtrack offsets and artist and title tags. You can read more about Peggo’s many fantastic features here.

What makes Peggo great?

Here are some things that help make Peggo special.

High quality MP3
By default, MP3s are recorded with the highest quality available. See here for more information on recording quality.

Record videos, too

Record your favorite videos as MP4, from 144p for mobile devices to Full HD 1080p.
Elimination of silence
The silence at the beginning and end of the videos is automatically removed so you can get a beautiful MP3 with just the good. You can read more about Peggo’s silence elimination here.

Volume normalization

The volume of each recording is normalized to the same comfortable level so that you never have to press the volume control again among the MP3s again. You can read more about Peggo’s volume normalization here.

Metadata discovery

Peggo discovers and fills in the correct MP3 metadata, such as the album, the album art and the release date, if available.

Subtrack support
Record only the part of the video you want, such as from 0:10 to 1:45.

ID3 tags

Specify the title and artist labels. Unwanted words like “HD”, “1080p” and “letters” are automatically deleted.

No obnoxious ads

There are no full screen ads, pop-up windows or pop-up windows. Forever.

Real-time recording

Do not wait – downloads start immediately.

Integrated search

Quickly find videos of interest, directly from Peggo.


Upload your favorite videos in Peggo with a single click, directly from YouTube or SoundCloud. You can read more about Peggo’s bookmarklet here.

Audio quality

By default, Peggo does what you expect and records the audio with the highest quality available. If the audio of a video is available at 256 kbps, Peggo records an MP3 of 256 kbps. If the audio of a video is only available at 128 kbps, Peggo records an MP3 of 128 kbps.


You can see the bit rates of the various YouTube formats on Wikipedia here (click [show] on the right of Comparison of YouTube’s media encoding options).

Most YouTube videos are recorded as 256 kbps MP3 files.

Of course, you can also choose to record MP3 files at a specific bitrate, such as 128 kbps.

Elimination of silence and volume normalization.
Peggo helps you maintain a consistent and harmonious MP3 library by performing two useful operations on new recordings: volume normalization and mute elimination.

peggo apk

Did you ever have to reach volume control after changing TV channels, radio stations or songs in your music library? The problem is that the different content has different volumes and the online videos are not different: some are silent and others are noisy. So that you never have to press the volume control again among the MP3s, Peggo normalizes each recording to the same comfortable volume.

Many videos also have silence at the beginning and / or at the end as part of intros or outros. Silence may be appropriate when accompanied by a video, but it is often jarring and unwanted to listen only on audio. So that you never again have the discordant silence between the MP3s, Peggo eliminates the unwanted silence from the beginning and the end of the videos.

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