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Today’s mobile devices have their own platform with everything that exists, like Android with Play Store. Basically, Google Play Store, the latest APK 13.4.11-all (81341100) 2019 is the center of everything to add to Android devices for various purposes. It is common that specific tools are needed to do something in the use of a device, so that is the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis store with so many applications there. It is a default feature of Android devices just like the App Store on iOS devices. There will be so many applications to search, download and use, especially with the fact that Android is an open source platform that allows more and more people to develop and produce applications to meet diverse needs and purposes in the use of Android devices.

Google Play Store review

Google Play Store is the center and home of applications that are specifically designed to work on Android devices. When the Android device is turned on for the first time, it will be necessary to follow some basic steps so that it is ready for use. One of them is to sign in to Google using a Google account. That particular account will also activate the Play Store call. Without the appropriate login of the Google account, it will not be possible to use this application later. Make sure you do it when you start your Android device for the first time.

Once the device is ready, it can be started or opened to explore many applications for Android. The use of this application is quite simple, as there are specific tabs designed and prepared by Google to deal with this issue. Those applications that are very popular are grouped in the most popular tab so that it is easy to find them immediately. Meanwhile, there is also a specific tab for the most downloaded applications. In summary, it will be quite easy to find any type of applications there once they enter the interface of this application.

One good thing is that the applications are practically in a fair comparison of those that are free and those that require payment only to download them. There are also some applications that can be downloaded for free with the purchase and payment option to get more than what has already been installed and tested. Some of the applications are also available as trial versions so that, within a specific period of time, you must purchase the official license to continue using the applications. Meanwhile, there are also applications with excessive ads in which the unlocking of the Pro version or simply the version without ads will improve the use of the applications.

Google Play Store APK

The interface is always receiving updates from time to time. Those who have been using Android since the previous Android period will understand that the interface has been changed in several ways. The last appearance is quite intuitive. It offers a really comfortable screen when looking for the necessary and required applications before downloading. Basically, an attractive attractiveness together with an easy-to-use user interface with its menus and tabs will be very useful for Android users to find and download the necessary applications for certain purposes and functions within the devices.


How to Install Google Play Store

Android users usually find Google Play Store in the menu list when they buy smartphones with this operating system. This built-in application allows the user to install and run another application offered by the store. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, including software damage, the application may no longer be available. The next step offers an alternative method to install it using the APK file.

  • Prepare the file manager application. This application is normally available on the smartphone by default. However, if for some reason the application is not available, simply download the File Explorer application. Go to the downloads folder in the file manager application. Find the APK file that you just downloaded. The folder is usually in the internal memory by default. You may go to the external memory if you set it as the default download folder.
  • Run the APK file by simply touching the file. A pop-up warning will appear immediately after you touch the file. The system tries to warn users that the application of an unknown source is activated. Do not panic, as you can give permission to activate the APK file by pressing the enable icon. The alternative method to do this is to go to the configuration. Select security and enable the unknown source. At this speed, the APK file will start running.
  • You have to wait until the installation is complete. Normally, it does not take long since the Google Play application only comes in small size. Once the installation is complete, you can run the application instantly. Although the application is installed, it is recommended to disable the installation of unknown origin. It will prevent other unnecessary applications from being installed in the background. Go to the configuration menu and select security to deactivate it.

How to Update Google Play Store

In most cases, you may not realize that your Google Play Store is already up to date. This circumstance occurs since this application is a pre-installed application. You are authorized to update without your permission. However, there is a flaw that makes this application unable to update itself. In this case, it is necessary to update this application through the APK file. Without the latest update running, you may not be able to enjoy the last available feature.

  • The first step is to see the Play Store version installed on your device. If the version is updated, you need to download the APK file to get the latest update.
  • Finding the APK file in your file manager is the next step. The file manager application should already be available on your smartphone. If you do not, simply download the file browser application. Once the APK file is found, run the file by touching it.
  • Upon activation of this file, a warning signal may appear. This warning tells you that you are trying to install an application of unknown origin. Simply enable the permission to continue with the update procedure. The APK file will update the application after giving permission.

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