Everything you need to know about modding the PlayStation Classic


When all is said and done, all these retro consoles that have appeared recently are the same. They are simply an emulator wrapped in a nice box with nostalgic drivers. Because of that, there are many options when it comes to hacking or modifying them because the software is very basic.

The PlayStation Classic made by Sony is very easy and very difficult to modify. Sony made some strange decisions by doing so, such as leaving the encryption key on the device it encrypts and using what appears to be an open source emulator to enhance the whole process, providing many opportunities for smart people to do smart things

What you need to mod your Classic

Apart from your Windows PC, there are really only two things you need to modify your PlayStation Classic. You will need a USB flash drive and the PlayStation Classic itself. Everything you need to do is done in those three things.

The PlayStation Classic is a bit contradictory. Some of the things that Sony has done are excellent: the drivers are standard USB ports, it’s an excellent choice, and making the disc tray button open the virtual disks is a beautiful touch, but the game library leaves a lot to to wish. Fortunately, Sony also left many back doors to allow the modding community to help us load any game we want on it anyway.

I used the Sandisk Ultra Flair many times, for many different projects and it never stops doing a good job. This unit is perfect for the PlayStation Classic mod, since it can be formatted to FAT32 and, thanks to USB 3.0, everything can be transferred quickly and easily.


How to add new games to the Classic

While PlayStation Classic has some great games, Final Fantasy VII comes to mind, but it also lacks many fan favorites. The Tony Hawks Pro Skater series was among the best selections for many fans of the original PlayStation, but never reached the Classic. Fortunately, we have a lot of dedicated people, like the BleemSync team, who found a way to hack game images into a USB drive and run them in the Classic.

The hack is extremely simple with very little risk. You should be able to do it with a minimum of computer skills. You should take a USB flash drive like this to work, and it does not allow you to play the original 20 games, just the ones from the flash drive.

However, the best part of this trick is how simple it is to restore the original console. Once you have removed the flash drive safely, the Classic will return to its original configuration. The complete manual can be found below.

How to access the hidden menu

When the PlayStation Classic was first released, in a matter of hours, we had a hidden menu to play. Unfortunately, it is required that you use a Corsair or Logitech mechanical keyboard, which costs a lot of money. I tried many different keyboards in hopes of making this work, but I just would not do it. However, rejoice, the same people who make the previous game have the secret menu working in the controller.

By using the above code and some more shenanigans that can be found in the practical guide below, you will be able to access all the additional features of the emulator that your hearts desire. In fact, the more we delve into the more mods that we will publish in this article so that you can maintain a cumulative total of amazing projects to do in your Classic.