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There are two things that can really slow down our smartphones: system crap and any kind of spyware or malicious adware. That is why many Android users have resorted to using any of the hundreds of utility applications available for their smartphone.

These public service applications not only speed up your Android devices, but also protect them from viruses and other nasty programs. Of all the Android utility applications in this category, Clean Master is undoubtedly one of the most popular.

Currently, Clean Master has more than 33 MILLION 5-star comments in the Google Play store and has been downloaded more than five hundred million times. So, yes, you can say that the application is popular. But what exactly does it do? And should you use it?

Clean Master: Is This The Best Android Phone Cleaner App

Clean Master is one of the many cleaning applications available on Android. A cleaning application is one that controls your Android to detect lost files that may be taking up space on your phone and also reducing it. Usually, these are cache files used by the system and other applications.

Cleaning applications generally also monitor any other application that may be hoarding your phone’s memory and, therefore, slowing down your device. Finally, some monitors clean up viruses and other vulnerabilities.

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Clean Master: What Are Its Main Features?

Clean Master presumes that it has six main characteristics. The first one is working as a garbage cleaner. This, says the company, helps free up storage space by eliminating junk, residual and cache files, which slows down the phone.

The second is an antivirus, which explains itself. The third is Wi-Fi security, which is capable of detecting and alerting you to fake Wi-Fi networks that are only configured to steal your data. The fourth is a private photo vault. This can hide and encrypt your photos so that only you can access them.

The fifth is the ability to speed up your phone by releasing RAM. And the final feature is a battery saving that prolongs battery life by hibernating running applications.


Clean Master: Should You Use It?

The good thing about Clean Master is that it has a beautiful user interface that makes the use of the application very easy. Even a beginner can navigate it. However, while at the same time cleaning applications on Android were very useful, recently the consensus is that they are generally no longer necessary, since Android has become so advanced that it already handles the tasks that most cleaning applications do. .

AndroidPit says: “Cleaning applications promise to clean your phone to improve performance. While it is true that deleted applications sometimes leave some data in cache, it is not necessary to download a dedicated cleaner. Simply go to Settings> Storage> and touch Data in cache. In the Clear cached data request, click OK. ”

“Clean Master and similar applications often require a large amount of battery power, and your advertising within the application has the potential to take a portion of your monthly data allowance. Remove such applications as soon as possible. ”

There is also a long thread in Quora, with the consensus that most people do not need cleaning applications. In fact, some say that the applications are nothing more than a placebo effect. As a user of Quora Sudhakar Krishnamoorthy said:

“As others have pointed out in their responses, this application does not increase the performance of your Android phone in any way!

“What he does well, makes him feel good through his user interface, where he is given the experience of accelerating his phone (only in illustrations and animation effects), which is more than enough for many.

“I had a suspicion about this when I was actually using the application and so I tried it, I had the Android configuration panel and this application open (KitKat 4.4.4) at the same time, I tapped on clean junk files.

“Once the animation was completed, the application reported that 362 MB have been removed. However, in the panel, as well as in the file manager, I could not see any difference compared to the previous one. The same for the ram too. That’s the day I uninstalled this application. ”

Clean Master: Where Can I Get It?

However, there is no denying that the Clean Master application is very popular. If you decide you want to try, you can download it for free in the Google Play store here.

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