Best Android games you’ve (probably) never heard of


There are literally thousands of mobile games in the Google Play Store, which makes finding the best Android games a real nightmare.

We’ve all seen Pokémon Go, Clash of Clans, Asphalt and other great hitters dominating the Play Store lists for what seems like an eternity. But what about the hidden gems that get lost in the pile?

Earlier this year, our application team at Android Authority selected our favorite applications that could have been lost. Now we are doing the same for mobile games!

The list below presents premium games and titles of free games from a wide range of genres, so, whatever your taste, you should find something to make your fingers shudder.

Without further ado, and in alphabetical order, here are 10 of the best underestimated Android games on the Play Store you’ve never heard of!

Agent A

Agent A, or to give him his full length pretty long title, Agent A: A disguised masquerade, is an adventure game, part of a room-style puzzle inspired by the fiction of cheesy pulp spies.

Imagine a perfect mix of Myst, The Room, James Bond from the time of Connery and a magnificent art inspired by the 60s, and you will be there.

The enigmas are complicated but not too demanding and the writing is as sharp as the language of Rubme La Rouge, the game’s fatal woman. Fluid gesture controls also gave it a place among the ranks of Google Play Android Excellence for 2018.

My only drawback is that it is not finished yet. For $ 4.99 you get all five episodes, and the finale – The Final Blow – is expected to arrive before the end of the year.

Concrete Jungle

Scott Adam Gordon’s choice is Concrete Jungle, a city builder with a difference. Instead of having to navigate through endless submenus, Concrete Jungle opts for an intuitive card-based system where the goal is to build your terrace and please the growing population of your city.

“It’s a bit of a company, and it masks behind a cartoon aesthetic, which I think could be one of the reasons it has not really taken off,” says Scott. The slow recording game and the sometimes confusing tutorials may not be for everyone, but if you like long-term rewards for your strategic game, this is a belter.

Devil’s Attorney

Matt Horne is greeting the Devil’s Attorney, a “fun and addictive turn-based strategy game” about the life of a morally flexible criminal defense lawyer.


One of the few alternatives to the magnificent series of Ace Attorney of Capcom in the absurd genre of lawyers, Devil’s Attorney has all the charm and bravery of a children’s television program of the 90’s. You can see the wonderfully cheesy opening theme of a minute in the video above.

“As a practicing defense attorney at the time, I decided to give it a try and I loved it,” Matt says, although he warns that he will have to pay the $ 4.99 sale price before he can begin his litigious journey.

Potion Explosion

We are big fans of the many, many adaptations of Asmodee Digital table games here at Android Authority, and that includes the choice of C. Scott Brown, Potion Explosion.

Described by C. Scott as the kind of game that is deceptively easy to learn, but devilishly difficult to master, Potion Explosion adapts the award-winning board game of the same name and brings all the madness of making potions to the mobile.

Budding magicians can play solo or compete against other apothecaries in local or online practices. The only problem with online mode is that so few players have tried the magic of Potion Explosion, sometimes it’s hard to find a confrontation!

Returner 77

There is no shortage of games to choose from in the Play Store, but it is much harder to find a game based on the story in which you can really brush your teeth.

Enter Joe Hindy’s selection, Returner 77, a sci-fi adventure game that combines sensational kinematics and complicated puzzles with a history of mystery and isolation.

While the elements of the puzzle may feel a little played sometimes, Joe says that “they fit perfectly into the atmosphere of the game.” There are no ads or purchases within the application beyond the initial rate of $ 4.99, which is always an advantage.

Ridiculous Fishing

The ridiculous fishing is, as Hadlee Simons agrees, absolutely ridiculous.

You know when you’re fishing and you drop your line, right? Let it fall on all the fish, avoiding them and all other obstacles as you try to get to the bottom. Then you go back up the line and trap hundreds of old friends on the road before shooting them from the sky with military grade weapons in a haze of bullets and fish guts.

Do not? Well, that’s what you’ll do in Ridiculous Fishing. You will also improve your arsenal of weapons as you advance, unlocking new weapons and special items to keep the craziness of the game crazy.